Mismatched Feet


PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 (I’m beginning to think I lost my love for Guinness – ha, kidding!)

COMPLAINTS: Blisters on the heel.

I have this thing about matching.  I’m really trying to overcome it but I hate when things don’t match.  Socks, gotta match.  Shorts and tshirt or tank, gotta match.  It’s funny though, because I see other people NOT matching and it doesn’t bother me, but if I leave the house and something doesn’t match, it annoys me.  So, when I buy running shorts, I either have to buy a matching top or just go with black.  Do others have this problem?

But, that isn’t the problem now is it?  No, the real problem is the blister I have on my right heel from running in new shoes.  This happens to me every time I buy new running shoes.  The first week, I get a blister on my heel and my little toe on the right hand side.  Now, I’m actually wondering if it is because  one foot is larger than the other. After a simple search I actually found that many people have different sized feet. Recommendation is to run in the shoe that is slightly larger to accommodate larger foot  OR buy mismatched shoes.

Okay, so first, buying a shoe size up is too bog for me.  I have tried the 7.5 and it just doesn’t work.  My left foot is too small for it.  And the mismatched sizes, I think I would freak out knowing I was leaving in different sized shoes.  Does it matter than no one else knows?  Not at all. It isn’t what YOU think about ME.  It’s what I think.

Anyway, had to share.


PS – have you donated yet?  Why not?  Hey, even five bucks makes a difference, though yes, I prefer you give,oh, $800… hahaha.


One thought on “Mismatched Feet

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    You can buy two different sizes of a pair of shoes at Nordstroms without an exta charge. I know this is what they have been known for in the past. Good luck. I am so proud ouf you!!! Love, MOM

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