New shoes… lots of ’em.

MILES RUN: 3.5 today; 3 Saturday and soccer sunday (I scored a goal!)

GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 today; 2 Friday plus a few whiskey drinks on Saturday when I was unknowingly taken to dance bars  downtown



When one pair of shoes isn’t enough – buy three!

Yeah, I totally did it.  The other day Randy decided to go to the run store with me so I could buy the new pair of running shoes I needed.  I got there and ended up buying TWO pair of shoes.  The Minimus so I can get my stride on right and the ever so awesome Brooks Adrenaline which I have been wearing for the last three years now. I was happy with my purchase and totally looking forward to getting them out on the trail.  However, since Randy hadn’t been to Whole Foods yet (no really, it’s seriously like going to Cabela’s in Michigan) we decided to walk there and grab a smoothie.

Before grabbing a smoothing however, Randy spotted the Tom’s shoes and wanted to check em out.  So, I strolled over with him.  He walked out empty handed while I, on the other hand, decided I needed to add yet another pair of shoes to my already ridiculous collection.  Here’s the funny thing. Tom’s and the Minumus have about the same amount of upport.  Would I run in Tom’s?  Not unless there were cops involved but it’s pretty funny how the support feels similar when you wear them.

So, I finally ran in the Minimus today and it’s quite a different experience.  I cannot imagine running in those toe shoes; I like the Minimus but I’m no barefoot runner, this is a minimal as I get.

I even ran at 6 PM today, it was 100 degrees but I was so focused on my form I barely noticed! Ha, yep, I’m easily amused, I suppose.

Peace and hair grease!



2 thoughts on “New shoes… lots of ’em.

    1. LAFRunning says:

      I like them. My arch is flat so it’s taking some getting used to but I don’t run in them over 3 miles and I dont use them on a treadmill or much cement. Once I start getting up there in miles, I plan on wearing them for longer runs and I also only train in them once a week… out of run or five running days.

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