Big difference… Huge.

Miles Ran: 3.1

Pints of Guinness Consumed: 2 to come…

Complaints: none! 

So, as I was running today I thought about how

nice it is to run along the river trail in Austin.  Then I began thinking about the Lansing river trail.  There is a HUGE difference here. For starters, the trail in Austin is not all pavement.  It’s a dirt trail that does not sting every time your foot hits the ground.

It’s also full of people.  Not a spattering of people, but pretty much every minute you willsee at least one person on the trail – and that is during the time of day when not as many people populate the trail.  Why do I want more people? Because it’s safer.  More people means I will have help in the case of an asthma attack.  More people means if I fall, smack my knee and can barely walk (hey, I have done this before, okay) someone can go get help or help me up.

Mostly though, it’s pretty.  In fact, there is a trail foundation, Town Lake Trail Foundation, that has done a ton of work to make the trail pretty.  Right now they are ripping out invasive species and dead trees and putting in new, native species.  They even provide water along the trail for runners.  Sure, they need volunteers and people to help keep the trail beautiful; so they hold events and such.  I plan on volunteering.

Where there is cement, it isn’t there for very long and you don’t notice it as much because you run over a gorgeous river where people are kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (known as SUP) or rowing.

Oh, and it helps that you can swim in the river (Colorado – no, not THE Colorado, the Texas Colorado) and Barton Springs.  People here refer to the river as Town Lake (in the city), Lake Austin (just north west of downtown), and then there is Lake Travis, which I have not yet been to.  After a long hard run, it’s easy to jump in a cool off.

AND… there are other nice things to look at as well… like abs, tan backs, and long lean legs.

Cheers!  Now, get outside and run!


PS – I’m sitting at Austin Java and an interview is going down.  Interviewer is wearing jeans and sweet sneaks. Interviewee is in jeans as well.  I love this city.


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