Why I run

So, this is basically where I will keep you updated on my training including eating habits, how many Guinness I consume in a day and maybe even some other random things you might not know.  I guess this is my first official post then.



COMPLAINTS:  It’s f’ing hot! 

So, today, I decided to run at 3 PM. I had to get some work done this morning so I was unable to get out at 7 AM as planned.  First of all, I’m not an early riser so 7 AM is already hard enough, but if it means not running in 95 degree heat, I’m game.  Today, that didn’t happen.  Seriously, I did not think I could sweat as much as I do.  Randy makes fun of me because, while he seems to have no problems with the heat, I look like I just walked out of the shower after walking for 5 minutes outside.  I love the heat, I moved to Austin because I was sick of the snow so I’m in no way complaining, but don’t expect me to run at 3 PM again.

Anyway, what I really wanted to share is why I decided to run this damn marathon anyway.  While I am really dedicated to raising funds for the Austin Children’s Shelter, it isn’t WHY I DECIDED to run in the first place.  I decided to run because people in Austin are f’ing fit.  I’m not talking Michigan fit. I am talking six pack stomachs and like 5% body fat at most.  Guys aren’t skinny around here, they have muscles all over.  Girls look good in brown paper bags.  I always thought I was okay with fitness. I would be in the top ten of my age group in 5K’s, I even won a few medals.  Um, not here. Most likely, I will be  in the bottom five.

I also decided to run because I know no one here except a few folks who are a tiny bit younger than me and, while I love my Meche, I cannot live like a 24 year old anymore.  So, it’s time to step it up, meet some people and get on with it.

Austin is awesome, people are fit, and I am determined to be part of that community.

Cheers for now,



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